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Mountain Sol 

was originally created . . .

 to bring Medical Massage to the Roaring Fork Community.  Clients are in outpatient care or had been injured and are in need of a therapist that can understand the complexity of a variet of injuries .  Our focus is for people that need a therapist  who is comfortable with clients involved in  inpatient/outpatient visits, some with long term medical conditions, people who need a therapist that has an intimate working knowledge of anatomy, and pre/post surgical stressors.  


Next, came the energy work of "Releasing Held Traumas."  This therapy integrates deeply held emotions and energy blockages, that may be buried in or below the subconscious level, back into the system to be balanced.

There has always been space that we have been wanting to fill for expecting mothers to relax, discuss their concerns about pregnancy, gain confidence in they choices they make about their pregnancy, and receive therapeutic massage treatments by a knowledgeable therapist.



My passion is for helping people.  A graduate from the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA, my desire to nurture others blossomed while working as an Integrated Therapist at Valley View Hospital from 2005-2014.  I decided to enhance my education by becoming a birth doula, a Certified Pediatric Massage Specialist, a "Releasing Held Traumas" practioner, and now I travel several months out of the year to help bring continuing education courses for massage to different cities.  

I feel utterly blessed and humbled to have had my own journeys of pregnancy and birth, injuries and recoveries while living in the Roaring Fork Valley. I'm excited to have the opportunity to support, with love and respect, all types of clients and their families.

Deborah Jaouen,

Owner of Mountain Sol

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