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Doula Services


Due to all the changes in healthcare over the past few years and due to my own busy schedule,  Mountain Sol is not listing it's Doula Services on a price sheet.  If you are interested in a Doula Services, a Doula Interview, or if you are a expecting mother that just has questions about what is currently allowed and what kind of support that can help you in this time, please contact Mountain Sol.   We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of care and our door is always open to  expecting mothers/families to discuss options for doula care and will always help to find the client's best fit for their growing families.

               Children and Family Massage Sessions


Children are exceptionally sensative to what we say and do on a daily basis.  Learn how to help your children gain confidence in their choices and express their creativity to you through Family Massages / Story Massages. Individual pediatric massage sessions can also be purchased but a parent must be present in the treatment room for children 15 yrs of age and under.


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