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" Your body is your subconscious mind, and it controls your programs."

                                                                                                    -  Bruce Winkle

Releasing Held Traumas


Created by Bruce Winkle, "Releasing Held Traumas" is a unique and powerful way of working with the body and its energy systems. This energy work facilitates the release of deeply held memories trapped in the tissues that have created imbalances in the energy flow of our bodies.


By combining the gentle connection of touch and the power of energy movement, many deeply held traumas can be cleared.




"Releasing Held Traumas" assists the client's body to:

  •  Reduce stress and promote relaxation.

  •  Release underlining causes of illness.

  •  Repair relationship issues.

  •  Release past trauma, fears and  


  •  Change unhealthy perceptions.

  •  Reduce pain.

  •  Speed recovery from physical trauma.

  •  Cope with grief or loss.

  •  Promote a renewed sense of well-being.


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