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"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only

                        compassion can heal." - Steve Maraboli

Going into, or coming out of surgery?  Have long term health issues that need a knowledgeable touch with a medical background? Looking for a therapist that is more gentle, and can work with a compromised system and not override it?  Then  Medical Massage is for you.

Having trouble releasing emotions?  Feeling stuck, unsettled, and unable to move forward?  Having difficulty with an injury that refuses to release even with constant bodywork?  Then "Releasing Held Traumas" is for you!

Pressure point massage 2

Where do I go?

Clients seeking doula and childbirth education sessions can choose to meet at Mountain Sol, at their home, or at a place that fits your comfortability and/or needs.  Energy therapy and massage sessions are held in the office location at Mountain Sol unless there is a physical limitation that requires an outcall visit.  (The charge for an outcall visit will depend on distance from the office). 
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